Alan Schoenfield's Secret Of Learning Mathematics

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Alan Schoenfield’s secret of learning mathematics is having the will to find the answer and not settling for someone else to help you or give you the answer. Learning requires experimenting, thinking out loud, and going over the issue countless times. Also, the secret is taking your time to uncover the truth. Renee in the video, spent twenty-two minutes experimenting with the program. Schoenfield states, “You master mathematics if you are willing to try”. To be successful at learning mathematics, one must be persistent and willing to work hard for twenty-two minutes on something most people would give up on after thirty seconds.
What Renee did that helped her better understand the mathematical concept of slope was that she experiments, she goes back over the same issue time and again, she thinks out loud, and she does not give up. She also persists to uncover the truth on her own without any help for twenty-two minutes. Schoenfield loved to show the videotape to his college students of Renee trying to unravel the mystery of the slope concept because of the amount of time she spends
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The meaning behind this statement is that students are struggling due to time constraints placed by educators. The ones to succeed are those that can understand under pressure, while the rest are left to perish. Education should be all year round because the text states, “...what would happen if the children of Baltimore went to school year-round. The answer is that poor kids and wealthy kids would, by the end of elementary school, be doing math and reading at almost the same level”. Poor kids learn nothing when school is not in session because of their financial difference to wealthy kids. Moreover, school year-round gives students time to learn everything that needs to be learned and less time to unlearn it. The extra time allows the classes to be meaningful and

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