Effects Of Summer Programs On Schools Essay

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What forms of evaluation, programs, or procedures need to be implemented within over-the-summer programs and year-round schooling to support the acquisition, growth, and utilization of reading skills lost over the summer break among elementary students in rural, low-economic areas?
The purpose of this literature review is to determine the possible suggestions, programs, and educational courses of action that school districts could implement towards the betterment of reading skills retention and utilization of knowledge among rural, lower-income elementary school students participating in an over-the-summer program or after-school program. The implications gained from review of research conducted on reading knowledge retention and utilization over summer break and after-school programs indicates several opinions. Studies conducted by Greenman (2014) and McCombs, Augustine, Schwartz, Bodilly, McInnis, Licther, & Brown Cross (2011); provided research examining the effects of summer programs offering reading intervention and support. To provide history on the research topic of loss of educational gains occurring during the school year and the summer vacation that follows, studies conducted by Wu and Stone (2010), and O’Sullivan (2013) provide the possible repercussions, successes, and benefits to year-round schooling and enrichment provided during the summer break.
The importance of more research studies based on year-long schooling, summer enrichment schooling,…

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