Effects Of Stress On School Performance Essay

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Effects of Stress on School performance
Does stress really affect your school performance? It does, according to the article How Stress Affects Academic Performance in Health News Madeline Ellis states that “Of the 69.9 percent of students who reported they were stressed, 32.9 percent said that stress was hurting their academic performance.”(Ellis). As stated above stress is a major factor in school performance. It is important to be able to properly deal with stress in order to be successful and strive to do well in school. Stress limits school performance potential. One thing that stress effects is grades in school. According to the article What Stresses You Out About School “One third said that they were most worried about schoolwork” (Stress). According to this quote one third of students that go to school are stressed out about schoolwork. High stress levels therefore cause an overall decrease in grades therefore resulting in lower performance standard. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics there are 20.6 million people that went to school in 2012. According to the quote above and these statistics there are 6.87 million people every year that stress about schoolwork. If these students were not stressed out then every year there would be 6.87 million people with better overall grades and less stress. Based on these statistics, that means that 68.7 million people every ten years are stressed about school. According to infoplease, that’s enough to…

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