Sources Of Stress In Prison Essay

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Three major sources of stress to the correctional officers, their impacts on the inmates, and how the correctional officers cope with their stress:
Correctional officers have been facing a lot of stress in their work due to various reasons. Three of the major sources of stress to the correction officers are: i)the harsh physical conditions of the prisons, ii)the violence which results from the inmates and iii)the tiredness which results from their difficult work. These sources of stress have had great impacts not only on the correctional officers but also to the inmates.
First, most prisons are always dirty, noisy, crowded, and has many other unfavorable conditions. These many unfavorable conditions experienced in prisons have interfered with the well-being of these prisons' staffs causing great stress to their lives (Bierie, 2012, pp. 81-95). Some of these unfavorable conditions have caused serious stress to the officers to an extent of suffering from some psychological problems. Apart from the psychological problems, poor conditions of the prisons have caused some diseases which result from sanitation problems to the
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There are some stubborn and violent inmates who keep on harassing the other inmates or even at times try to attack the correctional officers. All of the violence they have been raising in prisons have increased the levels of stress of the correctional officers who work day and night to maintain peace and order in prisons. The violence which results from the inmates also affect the inmates themselves as some of them have been injured or some even killed by other inmates during those violent times. The tiredness of correctional officers which increases their stress levels also affect the inmates in some way. Tired and stressed correctional officers are usually very violent and ruthless when dealing with the inmates especially when the inmates

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