Effects Of Stress In High School Students

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Stressed out High Schoolers
How Stress is Impacting Students ' Ability to Learn
High school students at one point in their life will experience some sort of mental and/or emotional stress. Stress could be induced from family issues, the demands of school life, or the results of friends, bullying, or dating. These stressful events hinder the student 's ability to learn. John Taylor Gatto, in his article “Against School”, points to several functions that the schools are to achieve, that have the potential to interfere with teaching moments. Schools are not doing enough to take care of their student 's emotional health during times of stress, inhibiting the student 's ability to learn.
Firstly, Gatto points to the integrating function which forces
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Still some students suffer from personal ailments of illnesses beyond their control. Even some students have suffered of loss over family members or close friends. No one is immune to any one of these or know someone with one of these life issues, yet all of them are forced to assimilate into the high school life. They are thrust into classrooms, with rules and responsibilities, no matter what their backgrounds are or may develop. The school function of integration is pushed just so teachers can get through their lesson material without distractions in the class. Yet every one of the students are different, every one of them with personal issues they may be struggling with, without answers or guidance. While some students are bold enough to put their issues aside for the sake of learning, others get stuck within themselves and feel they cannot get free. These students feel school learning is unimportant compared to their personal surrounding issues. While the need for students to integrate to school life is important, they need to be reassured that their life issues are not irrelevant. To break students …show more content…
This function tests to see if students can adjust to the work load and adapt to the information being taught. Students often are overwhelmed by the school 's seemingly never-ending assignments both in class and homework. It is this pressure to always perform day in and day out, Monday thru Friday, even sometimes over the weekend that can build upon the student 's shoulders. Often times when one assignment is missed or they performed poorly on it despite their good effort, it can be discouraging. If this happens enough, students can lose most, if not all, ambition to continue. While teachers try to get their students excited about the information taught, it seems they do not notice their students underlining issues on why they are struggling in class. My ambition to perform well in high school classes dropped many times throughout the years. One time I got overwhelmed helping other students understand their assignments and even helped do some of their work, so much so that eventually I stopped doing my own assignments. Many other times it seemed all to easy to just let an assignment pass untouched without much consequence or attention from the teachers. Often times before I knew it I was almost beyond the threshold to pass the class or even too far gone. To get to the root of why students are failing to keep up with school

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