Street Gang Activities

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“Street gang activities of MS-13 have a major effect in regards to homeland security?” The purpose of this paper seeks to justify that the street gang activities of MS-13 affects and poses a threat to the homeland security.
The Mara Salvatrucha is the most notorious gang in America to date. The gang is commonly referred to as MS-13. It is believed that MS-13 is comprised of over 70,000 members who are distributed in every state in Northern and Latin America. The gang has cultivated a legacy that has involved various criminal activities that are not limited but include drug trafficking, murder, laundering, and extortion. 2012 the Obama administration declared Mara Salvatrucha as an international criminal organization after the gang expanded
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The MS-13 majority members are traditionally Salvadorian nationals. However, there are growing with expansion from countries like Mexico, Guatemala, Hondurans, and other South America immigrants. The gang is estimated to be operating in every state in the US thus there is a need that the locals in every state be vigilant and report any suspicious activities in their neighborhoods as it relates to organized crime. Understanding gang life, it is important to understand it is a culture that captivates youth in poverty and despair. There are six common misconceptions that people have in this …show more content…
This belief is a misconception people have and result from statements by many government officials who have no reasons justifying the lack of investigation of murders. Most government officials, especially in the security agencies, justify murders of victims stating that they were killed for refusing to join MS-13 which gives the wrong message to the general public. It is a fact that if an individual is interested in joining the MS-13 gang group, one is required to have interest and show commitment through writing two letters to the gang. For the gang to approve the letters, one must be tested if he is committed, and thus one is required to kill someone before they are accepted into the gang (Garcia,

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