Effects Of Social Networks On Teenagers

How Social Networks Affect To Teenagers “How has social networks affected to teenagers?” This is a question had been asked since long time ago, from when social networks have appeared in this modern life as parts of our bodies. Everything has its own positive and negative effects, and the media networks are not exceptional. People always just care about the positive effects. Meanwhile, they neglect the negative effects of it, which are should be considered as well as the positive ones. Basically, the teenagers know what the negative effects are, they also know how it affects negatively to their lives. However, it may be too late since they can realize that, they are already addicted to the social media networks. The negative effects of the …show more content…
Back to the 1990, where teenagers put themselves in the nature, society, to learn the magic of this world naturally, where they get entertained by interacting with their friends, families, or just with the nature. These activities had affected to their creativeness, and behaviors, positively. Return to the present, where we can easily see a teen with a mobile phone, tablet, connected to the internet and spend most of their times for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and so on. Due to these social networks, they have changed the ways teenagers get entertained, and have affected to their health, and their social skills. Obviously, one negative effect of the social networks on teenagers is that they get obesity more than before. Children who spend time using social networks tend to spend less time for exercising than who do not. They make less movement and exercise, and then, the food, which they have eaten, would be accumulated in their bodies. Shortly, they will become fat. In addition, obesity can result in some severe diseases such as heart failure, high blood pressure, stroke, and cancer, which will cause them a lot of troubles in the rest of their lives. Moreover, the more time they spend on these social networks, which is virtual, the less time they have to interact with other people. Staying away from a society, simultaneous, they are losing lots of social skills, which will result negatively for them when they grow up. “If the teenagers have poor social skills, they will find it hard to deal with people when they grow up, and this can be harmful to their lives in the long run. People who are not social find it hard to mix with the society and in most cases, they suffer from depression, which in most cases results into committing suicide” ( Effects of Technology on Children ). The teenagers cannot perceive what they are doing now will

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