Effects Of Social Media On Young Adults Essay

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Effects of Social Media
Social Networking Sites are websites that allow people to interact with each other by creating profiles and being able to connect with other people that they know or share the same common interests with. These are sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which have attracted an unbelievable amount of people who use Social Networking Sites daily. SNS continue to attract people to create profiles and connect with the thousands of other people who are already on the sites, the people that tend to be targeted the most are teenagers and young adults because the websites are basically giving to all their interests. Some of the features of SNS are that anyone can make their own profile and edit it however they please, making it as unique as they are and on top of that they can add as many people as they would like. The second feature is how easy it is to communicate with anyone at any given time no matter the distance between you. And lastly you can look at anyone else’s profile whenever you want and however many times you would like. With Social Networks becoming increasingly popular the risks tend to increase as well, social media is one of the key reasons for cyberbullying which can lead to problems with privacy and depression.
With the internet being a vast place, it has created many ways for teens to communicate and connect through sites that have instant messaging, emailing or chat rooms, that way they can stay in touch with the people that they…

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