Effects Of Social Media On Women 's Body Image And Self Esteem

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Despite social media having a positive affect of connecting people and providing a way of communication among a large population of people, there is a problem with how social media negatively affects women’s body image and self-esteem. This topic is important to study sociologically because of the impact it has on not only the community of young women but everyone around the world. Many adolescent girls feel pressure from the standards that society and media place on them and that can influence the way young women feel about themselves. This paper will explore the answers to questions such as: How does social media affect an individual’s perception of their body and appearance? Does social media help or hinder relationships with one’s self and others? Does social media present any dangers? I will discuss the effects of social media on adolescent girls and address issues such as how social media affects body image, self-esteem, and what the psychological effects are.
Social media affects a large influential population and because there is such a strong focus on the way society and media views young women, social media has a major impact on they way they view themselves. According to the journal article Social Media and Body Image Concerns: Further Considerations and Broader Perspectives, social media influences body image by “… exposure to unrealistic body images; modelling; pressure to conform; gender-typed socialization; objectification of…

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