Social Media Effectiveness

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The Effectiveness of Social Media in Crime Control
Social media is a powerful tool for communication between people, businesses, and organizations. The instantaneous nature of social media has enabled people to connect, coordinate, and share newsworthy events with each other. It has not been surprising to find that social media is now being used by government entities to interact with the public on various fronts. It has not been surprising to find law enforcement agencies providing data on crime trends and tips for keeping the public safe. In today’s society where crime has become epidemic, law enforcement agencies are finding themselves leaning more toward social media sites to reach out to the public on matters
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Social media is a strong investigative tool in some police departments such as Delhi. The traffic police department in Delhi created a Facebook page that allows the public to participate as digital informants. It is through the Facebook page that civilians have been posting photos of traffic violations that the police review later for possible citations. This represents one of the main ways that social media is being used to control …show more content…
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