Effects Of Social Media On Children Essay

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Social Media addiction is a trend which is affecting more adolescents’ lives which increases the risk of anxiety and depression as well as damaging sleep patterns, furthermore increasing the chance of peer pressure (Udorie, 2015). A survey showed that girls did not fully understand social media addiction as 70% said they did not have social media addiction yet 50% of them used social media more than once a day (Appendix 1 & 2). A campaign was created in order to increase student’s personal skills, therefore, putting this trend on the agenda of students ' mind which results in building healthy public policies. The campaign was an educational program which included statistics and videos, which is engaging to adolescents. Health barriers which are created due to this addiction are the need to be available 24/7 (Udorie, 2015) which then affect adolescents intellectually and socially as a result of losing sleep.

Paragraph 1:
The need to be available 24/7 on social media affects students intellectually as well as socially. This barrier effects students intellectually as the majority of students on average are only getting 7.5 hours sleep when they should be getting 9.5 hours (Udorie, 2015). This then affects students intellectually because, during school time, they cannot pay attention fully as they are tired due to the lack of sleep. This affects students later on in life in employment opportunities as they did not participate in school to their fullest due to…

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