Effects Of Social Media And Young People

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Social media and young people
Today everyone revolves around social media. People of all ages are addicted to the Internet. Social media sites include Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Kik, Meetme, and YouTube. Most of the users on these sites are young people. While these sites were created to keep in touch with others, these sites are having a bigger impact on people. Some impacts are positive and some are negative.Young people are being affected most by social media.
A major problem on social media sites is cyber bullying. Many young ones are victims of cyberbullying. When someone puts a bad post or comment about someone on the site, it 's there permanently. Many people can see this post and add on to any bullying. Some may see it as joking around or having fun, but if you say hurtful things, it 's not funny. In 2012, over 800,00 peoples have suffered from cyberbullying. That 800,000 is from Facebook only. So many suicides have occurred from cyberbullying.
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All over the Internet is pictures of how everyone should look and dress. Girls need to be skinny with long hair. Boys need to have abs and short hair. They also have to treat others a certain ways just to stay a “man.” What happened to just being you? Be who you wanted to be? With the the way society is, young ones are judged when they try to express who they are. Everyone today is all the same. Everyone is forced to fit in. Everyone has to have the newest gadgets, the newest trends, and the most friends. When trying to fit in, people can become envious of others who have what they don 't have. This can cause low self esteem and depression. Being young is all about finding who you are and expressing that. If we are all the same, are we really being our true

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