Effects Of Social Anxiety

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Hannah Cowan
Ms. Diehl
CPE 11, Period 1A
17 November 2014

Effects on ones life from Social Anxiety

The latest government epidemiological data show social anxiety affects about 7% of the population at any given time. The fear of interaction with other people is a form of Social Anxiety, while it also brings on self-consciousness, feelings of being negatively judged and evaluated, and as a result leads to avoidance. This disorder puts a huge weight on ones shoulders; people who do not go through this might not truly understand the outcomes of being “controlled” by this Anxiety. Social Anxiety has a detrimental effect on peoples mind; it affects one’s involvement with others, they have a fear of being judged, being shy, quiet, nervous, or
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Someone once said, “A person with des feel social anxiety especially stress when he or she is expecting to interact with others, such as talking one on one or with a small group of people” (Lucy 21). The clear example of social anxiety in everyday in everyday life is the obvious separation of the groups kids hang out with one another in. People see the clear separation of the children that have no social handicap, who shine in most aspects of the academic arena. As where the kids who, not even are necessarily handicapped, that just cannot deal with the pressure that is place on them when faced with interacting with other people. While having it has a child on the playground, it can even be just as bad as having growing up and becoming a teen, while finding a website and reading everything can be a difficult task here’s one that stood, “Shyness is an emotionally painful issue for those trapped in the bondage of isolation and silence” (Human). Being trapped in a body very young that has a social issue can be very hard, having these problems making ones mind go to even a worst emotional state. Here’s part of a story that was found in the book, “Everything you need to know about Social Anxiety,” Christie was just a normal girl with social anxiety disorder; she talks about in this book how she feels about having this disorder/ She feels as if she should of grown out of having this disorder, “She felt dumb, silly, because It felt as though this disorder should of gone away a long time ago” (Lucy 19). Society in this world especially the teens, feel the same or even worse from what Christie is going through; many people have different types of problems in there lives they should feel as if this is going to ruin there

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