Effects Of Smoking Tobacco And Its Effect On Children Essay

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I. Introduction
A. Cough, Cough… hello everyone…cough, cough
B. That’s the sound my grandpa made because he smoked ¾ of his life.
C. Being informed on the effects of smoking tobacco and what is does to those who are around you is vital when it comes to your health and theirs. A person’s quality of life decreases after every cigarette they smoke, as well as lowering the quality of life of those around them.
D. Quitting, it’s not simple, but it can be done. Quitting will not just benefit you, but it will benefit those around you. Take it day by day, make a daily plan to avoid smoking that pack or two.
E. It’s time to show you the facts, what smoking does to a person’s body and the effects second hand smoking, while also showing you what your life could be like if your stop smoking now.
The American Lung Association says, smoking, the number one preventable killer in the US, killing more than 480,000 smokers’ a year including those who caught secondhand smoke.
II. Body
1) The information that you should know about smoking tobacco.
a. What are the chemicals that you are taking in each time you smoke one? By taking in these chemicals the effects it has on the body by, lowering life expectancy and quality of life.
i. According to the American Lung Association there are about 600 ingredients in cigarettes and when you smoke one you burn 7,000 chemicals and 69 of those chemicals are known to cause cancer. The AMA lists some of these chemicals on its websites including,…

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