Effects Of Smoking On The United States Essay

1365 Words Dec 20th, 2014 null Page
Smoking has been practiced in different forms since ancient times and only until recently have people become aware of the health hazards associated with smoking and tobacco use. Currently, smoking is considered the single leading cause of preventable deaths in the United States. Governments around the world aim to improve the health of their citizens by discouraging them from smoking. Policies and laws are instituted that aim to achieve a reduction in smoking rates mainly by limiting the appeal of cigarettes alongside making them less affordable and accessible. Price has a noticeable effect on the prevalence of smoking among teenagers and lower-income smokers and governments rely on taxes to curb smoking rates. Even though raising taxes adversely affects the poor, they have been shown to be effective in curbing smoking rates, contributing to a healthier population, and provide lasting economic benefits for everyone.
Tobacco companies and local governments are aware that an increase in cigarette taxes leads to a decrease in consumption, effectively curbing smoking rates (Boon). The increase in tobacco excise taxes are passed along to consumers in the form of higher cigarettes prices which reduces smoking rates in several ways. Higher prices promote cessation among current users by forcing them to either cutback or quit while also discouraging former users from relapsing. This is clearly highlighted in Wisconsin’s case after its $1.00 per pack of cigarettes price…

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