Effects Of Smoking On The State Of South Dakota And The World

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Smoking effects every organ in your body, examples have been found in the onset of Alzheimer, Pre-aging, Lung Cancer, and heart disease such as diabetes, and heart attacks. Almost all of these diseases contribute to the leading mortality and morbidity rates in the World today. The effected group is everyone that is surrounded by someone or persons that smoke, or any tax payer. This statement will be addressing South Dakota, Minnehaha county young adults ages twelve to eighteen. Smoking effects the state of South Dakota and the world, by 1964 it was evident that cigarette smoking was a contributory cause to lung cancer and other morbidity and mortality rates. (General S.), Which in return produced the first General Report on Smoking and Health. Public Health Interventions popped up across America to help prevent smoking. Diffusion of innovations example, laws such as no smoking in public places have been put in place to help the health of the Public. In the following paragraphs I will by going more into detail about two of the most effective preventive smoking interventions for young adults. First intervention would be the social structures, moving onto the individual change that will be explained in Stages of Change.

Moving onto the Target group of young adults ages twelve to eighteen year olds living in the County of Minnehaha. The two interventions this statement will be covering will be looking at a public interventions, while the second will be looking more towards the…

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