Effects Of Smoking On Society 's Health Essay

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Throughout the years, public consciousness regarding smoking affects has escalated enormously. Currently the public acknowledges that smoking, in addition to, secondhand smoke is detrimental to society 's health. Thus directing us to the vulnerability of these consequences in workplaces, a developing concern for countless individuals who are demanding a healthy working environment. (Schmidt, H., 2013)
Twenty-one states, have a policy of not hiring smokers, a practice opposed by 65% of Americans, according to a 2012 poll by Harris International. (Schmidt, H., 2013) According to Koch, W. of USA Today in 2012, a mounting number of employers, predominantly hospitals and medical businesses, are enforcing bans on smokers; by declining to employ candidates who test positive for nicotine utilization, whether cigarettes, smokeless tobacco or even patches. (Koch, W., 2012)
Providing you’re established in one of those states, you’re likely authorized to enact a smoke-free hiring policy, but is a prohibition of hiring smokers actually the appropriate approach? Sentiments differ.
a) advantages of such a policy
There are six principal incentives for employers to endorse a smoke free workplaces policy:
1. Employee welfare

2. Reduction of costs

3. Level of productivity

4. Greater job satisfaction

5. Helpful surroundings

6. Positive corporate image

Employee well-being
Foremost, the greatest investment an employer can make is an investment in employee welfare since the employees power…

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