Essay about Effects Of Smoking On Children And Teens

904 Words Apr 8th, 2016 4 Pages
More than 10 million people of the younger generation, age 12-17, have already tried tobacco or are open to experimenting with cigarettes. Smoking is effecting more and more people each year but would that continue if they saw what cigarettes were doing to them? Being able to see the visual effects smoking has on a person’s being gives the viewers a small look into the shocking truth. In February of 2014, the FDA launched their first youth tobacco prevention campaign. The Real Cost campaign set out to shed light on the affects smoking can have on teenagers. It’s main purpose being to prevent teens, who are open to smoking or have already tried, from starting and to reduce the amount of teens who have already become regular users. The campaign uses several types of media outlets such as radio, TV, and print ads in order to reach its targeted audience. The ads and commercials differ in small ways but all share the same message, to show teens how tobacco can affect their health, life and the danger one stick can have on them. Two of the most similar commercials from the campaign both focus on the health risks that come with tobacco. Along with lung and throat cancer, smoking can also age skin and cause gum disease. Both commercials take place in a gas station where two young adults are trying to buy cigarettes. They are informed by the cashier that they don’t have enough money to which they end up paying him with their teeth and skin. The commercial ends with a simple…

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