Essay on Effects Of Smoking History On Self Reported Health Status

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Although tobacco consumption has decreased substantially since the 1900s, the effects of its history still remain. While smoking is less prevalent and consumers are more aware of its negative effects, individuals who were actively submersed in the smoking culture of the early 20th century continue to feel the affects of its health impairments1. Moreover, the health of past smokers need to be studied and evaluated in order to assess how to adequately improve their quality of life and health status. Therefore, the purpose of our study is to explore the effects of smoking history on self-reported health status. We aim to research how smoking history affects how individuals view their current state of health. By doing so, we may be able to set policies or educational procedures that will help treat conditions knowingly or unknowingly faced by past smokers. Our research questions poses as: What is the effect of smoking history on the self-reported health status of individuals over 50 years of age? Our intended audience consists of policy makers, physicians, current smokers, and past smokers. We hope to inspire policy makers to create laws and regulations that will better aid and address past smokers’ health conditions, physicians to help educate them on how to effectively treat patients, and smokers, both current and past, to inform them about the difference between self-perceived and actual health status.
An extensive amount of research has been conducted…

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