Essay on Effects Of Smoking Cessation On Health Care

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Cigarette smoking can have a transformational impact on one’s life, where its effects can negatively influence one’s health and lifestyle. A recent initiative was implemented to ban the sale of tobacco products in health-care facilities and pharmacies, aiming to de-normalize the habit of smoking and further reduce smoking rates by controlling the accessibility of tobacco and tobacco-related products (Owen, 2013). This legislation provides health-care professionals with an opportunity to intervene and promote a healthier lifestyle through smoking cessation (Owen, 2013). Smoking cessation, or quitting smoking, refers to the discontinuation or reduction of cigarette smoking (Ziedalski and Ruoss, 2005). Smoking cessation is a significant issue because there are a range of health risks associated with smoking, a variety of smoking cessation techniques are available, and pharmaceutical practices are becoming more involved to have a vital role in the implementation of these techniques. Smoking cessation is a topic of paramount importance, particularly when considering the health-related implications that smoking can cause.
Cigarettes and other tobacco-related products contain ingredients and chemicals that can cause excessive damage to one’s health and quality of life. Cigarette smoking is linked to more than two dozen diseases and conditions, including cancer and heart disease (Government of Canada, 2016). Hence, smoking has been identified as a primary risk factor for cancer. As…

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