Essay about Effects Of Smoking Ban On Public Places

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The article, “Effects of new smoking regulations in Italy” entails a research observation made in regards to the smoking ban in Italy that was placed into effect January 2005. The smoking ban put into place affected smoking in public areas, such as restaurants, cafes, airports, railways, and also included the workplace (public or private). It is pointed out within the article that Italy was the fourth European nation to adopt such laws. Furthermore, the research is conducted to measure the levels of consumption and gross sales both pre and post restriction.
In this research the hypotheses tested is the belief that the percentage of smoking, including individual smokers, would decline as a result of the smoking restriction in public places. Alongside this, it could be assumed that the percentage of legal sales would take a dive as well. This hypotheses is a focal point of interest since it is the most likely assumed occurrence resultant of newfound smoking restriction laws. More specifically, however, the study wishes to prove that there would be increased support for smoke-free policies once legislation is passed. In conducting this study, the researchers had to obtain data from the general adult population of Italy. They utilized a survey to acquire data from a collection of 3114 subjects (1511 men, and 1603 women) whom were aged 15 years and older, also representative of the general Italian population in terms of geographic area, sex, and socioeconomic status. The samples…

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