Summary: A Smoke Free World Idea

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A Smoke Free World Idea

Smoking can be a difficult habit to break because it is an addiction. Just like any addiction to street drugs, prescription medication and alcohol it requires a withdrawal period in order for your body to detoxify from all the harmful toxins left behind. Your body has just been subjected to deadly poisoning and mistreatment. Whether that was by your own choice is completely up to you but there are those that are needlessly placed in harms way by simply being exposed to the smoke. This exposure is known as second- hand smoke and the effects are truly damaging. There is no risk-free level of exposure; even brief exposure can be harmful and lead to death. In June 2016 the World Health Organization reported that
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I guess he knew he had to try to stop when he would start coughing and hacking gray and bloody things up at all times of the day. When he went a little too long in between a smoke he would start to sound sick and get frustrated with everything. I hated seeing my father slowly dying in front of us and being helpless to stop it. Each time he tried to quit smoking something or someone always made him come back to it. We would go to a party and he would drink which led to him craving cigarettes .He would then defend his actions, “ I 'll cut down by only smoking when I drink.” Sometimes a friend would come over and he would again have “just one cigarette” because he was “cutting down” on his smoking. Even as a small child I saw a pattern in the numerous unsuccessful attempts to stop smoking. He was always the strong “manly man” in our family but this was the one thing that made him weak and vulnerable. I often felt he only smoked to be like the brave and manly cowboys portrayed by the actors he idolized as a child. I still recall how much advertising there used to be for tobacco when I was a kid. It was on movies, billboards, buses, taxis, magazines, commercials...the world seduced by the false appeal of tobacco. The CDC reported scientific evidence that shows that tobacco company advertising and promotion influences young people to start using tobacco. Thankfully today the deglamorization of tobacco is on an ever increasing rise. No more John Waynes, Clint Eastwoods or Charleton Hestons showing our children that smoking is cool and for the “manly men”. No more Marilyn Monroes, Audrey Hepburns, or Elizabeth Taylors glamorizing tobacco and teaching our children that smoking is

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