Are Too Dependent On Cell Phones In High School

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I think smartphones are causing middle and high school to become too dependent on their cellphones,students depend on phone more than their health,smartphone are a drug that cannot easily weaned off,many teenagers become Addicted to their cell phones.these are the many reasons why high school and middle school become dependent on their cell phones First of all,students depend on their phone more than their health.students are focusing on their phone and it can mostly cause them to go blind .Teenagers having blurry vision because of their phone.students are losing weight because they were not eating.Most students waste their time on cellphone during lunch time.when playing on your phone too long or too much it can lead to loss of social skill.It can …show more content…
Secondly,Smart phone are a drug that cannot easily weaned off.When you take your kids on vacation with you and your kids are to be parted from them they would have no idea what to do with themselves.Playing on phones too long can cause addiction to your phones.They can’t be seperate from their phones.When enjoying meals with family members teens would pull out their phone to check their messages before scanning the menu,they would check their

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