Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Physiology Essay

1333 Words Sep 23rd, 2016 6 Pages
The rise of automation brought great competition for human workers, with the increased need to outperform their robotic counterparts. Sleep has been cast aside as a second thought when really it should be the foremost priority. Sleep determines how society operates, for a third of a human’s life they are asleep and everything is based around this fact. With sleep being such an integral part of everyday life some struggle to get enough of it. With the dynamics of career, becoming ever more exceedingly strenuous sleep has become a luxury that some cannot afford. The issue is that with the high demands of jobs, not having enough sleep can lead to disastrous results that may leave a life in treacherous danger. Knowing what to expect when the body is deprived of sleep will provide a great leg up when it comes to a dynamic career in medicine. There are many side effects of sleep deprivation, the physical can be damning to everyday life affecting how everybody goes about their day. Debilitating, are the numerous effects that sleep deprivation has on physiology is weight gain. When sleeping the body uses the time to regulate hormones that determine hunger; therefore if the sleep deprived do not provide the body enough time to rest and regulate the following days can be a shamble of poor food choice and overeating. Another side effect of sleep deprivation is fatigue. Fatigue may not seem like a minor inconvenience, but it’s not its effect can have dire consequences and can lead to…

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