Essay about Effects Of Slavery On African American Communities

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The constant sale and trade of slaves threatened to break apart slave marriages

and families, so slaves viewed their families in terms of kinships. Kinships formed the

social basis for African American communities. Slaves adapted to their circumstances by

creating family units with other slaves they lived and worked with. Slave children were

taught to refer to adults with kin titles for example, sister, brother, aunt, and uncle. This

prepared the children incase their parents and blood relatives died, or were sold to

different plantations. As a result, parents relied on such kinships to help raise their

children. Slavery was set up to break family bonds, but Incidents in the Life of a Slave

Girl shows us that the most important aspect of freedom is remaining attached to, or

bonded to, one’s family.

Before turning to African American kinship ties, it’s important to note that slavery

has a negative impact on those that are enslaved, and their white enslavers. There is an

adverse culture in the enslavers’ household that turns the adults and children cruel and

money hungry. For example, Mrs. Flint who has no regard for the woman that practically

raised her--Aunt Martha. Mrs. Flint also becomes preoccupied with vengeance for Linda,

due to her husband’s sexual desires. “The young wife soon learns that the husband she

has placed her happiness pays no regard to his marriage vows. Children of every shade of

complexion play with her own fair babies,…

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