Effects Of Slavery Cruel And Inhumane Way Of Life

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Cruel and Inhumane way of Life
Slavery in the United States has always been viewed as a cruel and inhumane way of life. It took the liberties and freedoms away from the slaves that were forced away from their families or homes. Forced to work for their boss or known as their owner. Slaves were treated unfair and had lives that they couldn’t fulfill due to the strictness of their owners. How did this affect the United States in today’s economy? Was this breaking laws and persecuting the slaves to an extent of injustice? How was this persecution and breaking the laws? These questions are asked all the time and never put to rest.
During the late seventeenth century and early eighteenth century there were tens of thousands of African slaves being
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At the time there were no laws to consider it as breaking laws. They had laws that if a slave escaped that they must be returned to their owners. There was nothing saying it was injustice or cruel. The constitution made it so the Congress couldn’t make slavery illegal until 1808. These slaves were persecuted because of their race. They had no religion or families and were treated cruelly. During the slave trade they would be in nasty ships with no room, after they arrived in the U.S. it didn’t change much. They were treated more as a pet than a human, they were the lowest of all people in the town. They did not have the right to own their own land, get a wage-earning job or attend in …show more content…
The abolishment of slaves helped the United States economically by having more working in the factories. This lead to faster and more efficient production. Slavery was a building block to capitalize. “The money people made off of slaves helped pay for the Industrial Revolution.” According to author Eric Williams. It didn’t have a huge impact on other countries or even the U.S. but it was a money maker and it wasn’t declining in numbers. The slave owners actually believed it would go on for much longer. Slaves were a major part in production and were putting out about seventy percent of the world’s cotton and no other country was making as much money until the eve of World War II. With such huge economical advancements the United States grew larger in their industries and were able to mass produce products faster than before. Soon people were creating big businesses making a significant amount of money. They created meat factories, textile factories and the biggest, most productive industry was the cotton factories. Last but not least the abolishment of slavery helped end the racism towards

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