Effects Of Sexual Victimization

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Sexual Victimization What are the limits to sexual activity before it’s considered abuse? Sexual victimization is a major problem in the United States; causing long-term psychological, physical and behavioral problems. Acts of sexual violence occurr in two major ways: Child Sexual Abuse and Rape. Defined as, a sexual act with a child that is intended to give sexual gratification to an adult; including physical contact and non-contact exploitation; child sexual abuse is a heinous act. On the other hand, there’s rape; the unlawful act of coercing oral, anal, or vaginal penetration upon a person without consent or upon someone incapable of consent. There are several factors that contribute to the acts of such hostile behavior. What entices …show more content…
More than 1 million women are raped in the United States every year (CDC, 2014). Approximately 8% of high school students, (11.8% being female and 4.5% male) reported they were forced to have sex without consent. Rape culture on college campuses affects 20% to 25% of college women, all in which have reported rape. Thus, the trauma a victim of rape experience can sometimes result in physical pain, having flashbacks, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, or worse committing suicide. Coupled with the increased chance of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. It may seem like a difficult task but there are ways to decrease the chance of these events occurring. People must be able to properly educate themselves and their families on finding characteristic traits of violent behavior as well as offering an environment to be able to express problems. Although the laws shift by state and circumstance, they’re different sources available to receive needed information. To prevent sexual victimization, the number of sexual abusers must decrease. Society needs to invest in programs for people with these habits starting at early signs. It’s important to educate people that seeing these acts and being silence causes the world more harm than good. Solutions to this epidemic are tough to come up with its vital we help victims cope with the impact rape

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