Effects Of Sexual Objectification In The Media

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How does sexual objectification in the media affect girls/young women? Young women are seen in all aspects of the media, such as television shows, music videos, magazines, advertisements, etc. Since the mid -1900s, girls/women have been put on such high standards to be the “perfect” woman. Young women are told to look like a person, usually a celebrity, as a prototype of ideal beauty. Although, celebrities aren’t the ones to blame, since they are sexually objectified by the media just as much as “normal” women. The earliest women in Hollywood who can think of that was sexually objectified by the media/general public was Marilyn Monroe. Monroe was considered a sex symbol not only for her undying beauty, but also because of her body type (curvaceous, …show more content…
The sexualization of girls mostly come from aspects of the media that they’re easily exposed to. It is known that girls watch more television and read more magazines than boys. According to Zurbriggen et al., “Of 81 episodes analyzed, 84% contained, at least, one incident of sexual harassment, with an average of 3.4 incidents per programs” (5). The degrading of women just because they’re deemed as the “weaker sex” is too overly familiar in television/movies. The cheap, sexist jokes have become the norm in American society that people don’t even find them offensive. The writers of these television shows portray women as promiscuous, less intelligent than male characters, and are obsessed with their looks becomes it’s somewhat “relatable”. Since most young, female actresses are always portrayed the same way, they’re barely given windows of chances to show that they’re more than just sex objects. Zurbriggen et al. argue, “This gross underrepresentation of women or girls in films with family-friendly content reflects a missed opportunity to present a broad spectrum of girls and women in roles that are nonsexualized” (7). Nowadays, a girl in films main storyline is how to get a boy to like them, and a woman in films main storyline is how to maintain a (sexual) relationship with a man. There is a stereotype that women are naturally sexual, provocative beings, and that’s the only type of role they can be portrayed as. Are girls considered that uncontrollably sexually, that they can’t even star in family-friendly

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