Effects Of Sexual Control On Human Destiny Essay

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The effect of sexual control on human destiny also plays a major part in Ha Jin’s Waiting. Unlike Kafka on the Shore, the repression of sex dominates the love affair of Lin Kong and Manna Wu. Sex is a constant factor in their lives, even if they spend the bulk of the novel not in the act of it, it drives their action and inaction. For instance, if Lin and Manna had consummated their relationship during their initial stages of attraction, it is probable that Lin would have come to the realization soon after that he did not love Manna. The relationship would soon have soon fizzled out, and both characters would have moved forward with their lives rather that half-heartedly staying in a relationship out of habit. Instead, they stay stuck because as more time passes without consummation, the more they need that consummation to prove they had not wasted their lives. However, this is not an allowable path for them. Both characters feel an attraction to one another, but are limited in their expression of it, because an affair is against the rules of the communist regime in China. Jin writes, “Never had they been together outside the compound; nor had their conduct revealed any intimacy, which lovers usually couldn’t help showing, such as patting each other and signaling with glances. Yet beyond question, their relationship was more than camaraderie, because no two mere comrades of different sex would spend so much time together” (58). Their relationship is only able to flourish…

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