Essay Effects Of School Programs On Children

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After school ends for the day, children focus on other things such as video games, family time and often harmful activities. Children also lose focus with educational activities when they are at home because parents don’t pay enough attention to their children. Our society is influencing children to become more rebellious, leading them to get out of control and refusing to do homework activities. After-school programs are beneficial because children stay occupied and focused on their school work, and they have academic help. M m m m m m m After-school programs have many advantages that help children grow academically and socially. After-school programs are design to keep children engaged in their learning through tutoring and mentoring with the specific subjects they find troubling. After-school programs provide staff and peers that are certified to help children with their homework. The main goal is to have a balance between educational goals as well as providing fun activities for children. According to a database, there’s more Hispanics than any other race that attend after school programs which is approximately 3.8 million Hispanic children (Statistics, Barriers & Benefits to After School Programs for Hispanic Children). Some of these factors are, parents are more likely to find day care facilities for the children during their hours of working and it’s an advantage to the parents. The national board of education spend every year a report called standard report…

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