Essay on Effects Of School Lunches On Children

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My major is nutrition and I decided to focus on school lunches because I think it has been an issue of whether they are good for children or not. The debate if whether school lunches give children all the nutrient needs is everywhere, from the parents to the presidents and the first lady of the United States. This issue applies to all individuals because we need to care about children since they are the future of this world. Children are a very important part and the future of our society’s work force and economy. Children are the ones who are very vital for deciding how the world is going to be after some years. So if one can do some good in the life of a child then there can be change, at least a small change, in the world to come. This change should include to change the way they eat and adults eat to become healthier and make the change. In order for us to be able to have happy and healthy children, we need to encourage a change in school lunches and at home. Additionally, school lunches do not provide everything a child needs to be nutritious and active throughout the day. Children who eat lunch as part of the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) have an increased likelihood of becoming overweight, according to the coauthor Rusty Tchernis. This makes the probability higher of children to become obese as adults because they do not know how to eat healthy foods and they did not learn to like them at a young age. It is important for children to eat healthy because their…

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