Effects Of School Floods Out Of The Years Of High School Essay

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Break was coming to an end and I could definitely feel the pressure of school flooding out of the place it goes when school finally finishes. One thing there wasn’t any of though was excitement for classes. If anything there was only denial, the final grasp of summer that comes with the horrific beginning of the school year. With only enough days that you can count on one hand, things were getting stressful in my house. All of my family was in chaos; I had my own storm. What clothes, shoes, notebooks, writing utensils, classes, even friends, would be the best to make it through another year of High school? It’s the small things that are the “most important” throughout these four years. Would the teachers be easy on us or even communicable? All these worries for me. who was I going to become or be seen as? It wasn’t in my mind that someone so close was struggling with the beginning of an addiction to relieve the pain of the past.

Certainly, I knew the struggle just as well as I knew the easily sought relief. It had been a struggle with the deep emptiness, the feeling that I’d never be good enough because my sister, father, and I weren’t enough for her. The ‘her’ had been my mother (truly she was my stepmother, but she’d meant much more to us than our real mom) who up and left our family, left us wondering “why?” and “how?!” Our loving Sam, compassionate and motherly, had left us with no goodbye or even a glance. The only gift was the home that was deep in bills…

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