Rest Therapy In The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Perkins

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Destruction of the mind brings out psychotic behaviors unknown to lurk in the shadows of the human mind. The narrator from the “The Yellow Wallpaper” shows the results of becoming completely insane. In the story, the narrator struggles with depression and is required to go through rest therapy. She changes during the time of her rest therapy, and her mind will never be the same. Being isolated from the world from a long period of time has a devastating effect on the mind. As a result of the rest therapy, the narrator’s depression worsens and the symbol of the woman trapped behind bars in the yellow wallpaper is created.
Rest therapy recommended by multiple physicians does not create positive results. In the case of the narrator, rest therapy
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The woman does not desire to go back into the wallpaper, so she makes sure the wallpaper is torn enough where she can not be sealed there anymore.
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The narrator feels lifted from depression, because the woman has true freedom from the wallpaper. In other words, she released herself from the captivity she was in because of the rest therapy. Throughout the story, she tried to voice her opinion on the rest therapy, but no one would listen because she was a woman. The rest therapy did nothing but worsen her depression and cause her mental breakdown. In her mind she created the woman behind bars in
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This represents the narrator because she feels as if she is in captivity like the woman in the wallpaper. The woman’s prison is the wallpaper, and the narrator’s prison is the room due to the rest therapy. The narrator’s brain is forced to create this dark other self to stimulate her mind after going so long without doing anything that supposedly would make her condition worse. The rest therapy was suppose to cure her condition and get her back to normal, but taking the narrator from her life and family and friends was not the correct treatment. If the physicians, including her husband, would have listened to her, she would not have become mentally unstable and transformed into the dark woman that lived deep within her subconscious.
The narrator’s transformation could have been completely avoided and never awakened inside of her. The symbol of the woman behind bars in the wallpaper was only created because the narrator was not listened to when regarding the rest therapy. Rest therapy does not work at all for the narrator. She liked to write and is not allowed to write, forcing her to sneak and write.
This caused her to become more ill because she had to hide that she was writing and

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