Argumentative Essay: Should There Be Organized Religion Exist?

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Religion has always been a polarizing topic, both dividing and bringing people together for thousands of years. Beginning hundreds of years ago when early philosophers and astronomers began to question the existence or powers of a supreme being, humans have always had some sort of opinion as to whether a god exists or not. Religion is being questioned now more than ever before, as fewer and fewer people believe in god. According to the Pew Research Center, fewer and fewer Americans believe in God. Whether or not a god exists is up to each person to decide, as we may never know or be able to prove whether a god actually exists. Regardless of whether a god exists, it is clear that organized religion has had a significant effect on humanity. Although at times religion did not always have positive effects on the world, organized religion has had a generally beneficial effect on humanity, both for individuals and as a race altogether. Religion often is a driving force that pushes people to do good and be respectable human beings, and also gives people a sense of security that can answer many questions about the world that may make them uncomfortable. Additionally, religion was the foundation of many early societies which helped bring people together to form …show more content…
Wars would not have been fought, societies would have been brought up differently and people would act and interact in other ways than we do today. While whether the gods or beliefs behind these religions are real or not is near impossible to know for sure today, it is clear that religion has had a positive effect on humanity as a whole since the beginning. Not only does it give people a reason to do good, it gives people a sense of security and eases stress. Additionally, early societies were brought together and prospered due to religion. Like it or not, religion has pushed us forward as a

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