Effects Of Religion By Mary Rowlandson

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America was found on circumstance of religion. The founding members of the early colonies retreated to the new world to flee religious persecution and to find freedom. Christianity affected the individual lives of colonist as well as their society. Christianity was religion of answers in the Northern Colonies.
In the Northern Colonies Christianity was freely practiced. The newly formed colonies were focused around religion. Each colony was settled central to a church. This helped the colonist adapt to their new environment. Colonist turned to religion in their time of need and questioning. They were in a new and scary place. They needed a form of answers to keep them sane.
A famous columnist, Mary Rowlandson, turned to religion in her time of extreme need. Mary was held captive by indians after her colony got raided by indians. Their whole life revolved around faith. Their extreme religion often lead to extreme judgement which she used to describe the Indians during her captivity.
When we first encounter Mary Rowlandson in her book, “A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration”, she is describing the savage indian raid. She is interpreting the event as a lesson from God, “The lord hereby would make us the more ac knowledgeable His hand,
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She thanks God for saving herself and others. She looks at the positive side of things rather than the obvious negative. Later in her book she credits God for keeping her strong in her faith and making her get out of captivity safely. Just like Mary, other Christian colonist also thanked God for keeping their faith

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