Effects Of Public Health In The Philippines

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Public Health in the Philippines:
The Issue The recent catastrophe of Typhoon Haiyan has exposed countless issues of waste-water management and basic sanitation in the Philippines. Being an environment always on the brink of flooding and large, unpredictable ocean waves, one would think that the infrastructure in the country would match the very environment in which it exists. Unfortunately, such is not a reality, and it is largely the fault of American business corporations cheaply construction a thoughtless, and haphazard environment. While the subject of waste management was boasted of in the early 2000’s, such claims were largely found to be untrue. While the United States still bullies the small island country into being a resort ground and military base for itself , such is becoming more and more exposed, both since the typhoon and the ascendency of Rodrigo Duterte. While being likened to a Donald Trump-esque figure, Duterte has been articulately dismantling U.S. involvement in his country , a reality which is not as new as it seems. Before I begin speaking too much about unethical building practices (which I will get to later), I want to take a moment and
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While he once traveled to the Philippines and could only experience anguish at the unsafe world which lay before him, he can now go and creatively develop plumbing systems, with local materials, that can ultimately bring about health for our friends in need who reside in the Philippines. It is an approach that requires the development of our human resource. It has caused a man who had no desire to be a plumber to undergo extensive training in an occupation that is considered lowly by most. Yet the result is a competent field agent whom holds the ability to bring about a safe environment for our friends, and ultimately empower them with his

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