Summary: Decriminalizing Prostitution In New Zealand

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In 2003 New Zealand passed the Prostitution Reform Act which decriminalized prostitution. The reason New Zealand decriminalized prostitution was to create a system that protected the human rights if the sex workers and protects them from exploitation; promotes the welfare and occupational health and safety of the sex workers; conducive to public health; prohibits the use in prostitution of persons under the age of 18.[1] New Zealand stated that the purpose of the Prostitution Reform Act was not to endorse prostitution as a morally acceptable career option but instead to enable the sex workers to have the same protections offered to other workers’. Prostitution being decriminalized in New Zealand allowed sex workers to determine their work …show more content…
The committee was composed of eleven members and were appointed by the Minister of Justice. The purpose of the committee was to figure out how many sex workers were in New Zealand and in three to five years review to see if the numbers of sex workers changed and if the Prostitution Reform Act had any impact to society. One of the main reasons the Prostitution Law Review Committee needed to count the amount of sex workers there were in New Zealand prior the the Prostitution Reform was to see if the amount of sex workers increased once the law was passed. Prior to the Prostitution Reform Act there were about 5,9323 sex workers in New Zealand.[1] Four years later they counted the number of sex workers they had to be about 2,332. This information helped concluded that their system of estimating the number of sex workers was flawed because of the difficulty of getting the information, but it did not show an increase in the amount of sex workers in New Zealand which was one of the main concerns of the critics of the law. Even though the data hasn 't shown an increase of the number of sex workers there has been an increase of street based sex workers. Not every citizen in New Zealand is pleased with the Prostitution Reform Act and sex workers are still disliked in some communities. City councils have passed laws that displaced the sex workers and making them feel like outlaws. These areas tend to be more dangerous which put the sex workers in more

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