Effects Of Procrastination

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Free time is a blessing that is overlooked, and not wholly appreciated by many people, just at the Prophet Muhammad SAW said, “There are two of Allah’s favour that are forgotten by many people that is health and free time.”
People are all guilty of procrastinating at some point or other, no one is a stranger to it, right? Some of them, might be lucky enough to identify it in time and still do something about it. Unfortunately for others, it steals dreams and can even destroy lives. The reason people procrastinate varies from person to person and is not always obvious. Sometimes it is a hidden fear that we don’t want to acknowledge, or it could even be as simple as not wanting to do something because it just doesn’t motivate them. Whatever the reason may be, if he knows he is a procrastinator, be careful it has far more damaging effects than he may realize.
Procrastination cause work and personal life inefficiently. Wasting time habit allow people to organize their work and personal life inefficiently. Especially as a student who cannot manages time well will finish tasks out of deadlines, last-minute
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Procrastination seems to come on with full force when we entertain the thought of goals, of wanting to achieve or change something. People might have a strong desire to change, but just can’t seem to take the first step forward. This is normally really confusing and perplexing; people might find themselves thinking, “Why is it so hard to go for something that I want so badly?” only individuals can answer that they have to explore a little deeper into the resistance. People set goals because they have a deep desire to better our lives in some way. If people do not do this because of procrastination, people destroy the possibility to get better life. Uncover the root cause behind your procrastination if it’s preventing you from achieving your goals, otherwise you will never attain

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