Effects Of Pressure On Students To Get Good Grades

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Students growing up in today’s world have a lot more things to worry about then previous generations. One of the problems being students are constantly under pressure. The biggest pressure they deal with is the pressure to get good grades. They get pressure from parents, coaches, and from themselves. Why is there so much pressure on getting good grades? For most students the answer is because they worry about their future. Without good grades a students may lose scholarships, not be able to participate in extracurricular activities, and not get the job they want in their future. Grades greatly determine what happens to a student’s future, that’s why there is a significant amount of pressure put on students to get good grades. Many college students who attend universities get scholarships for their grades. Theses scholarships help greatly with the cost of the university. If a student does not comply with the minimum GPA requirements or other standard they could possible lose part or all of their scholarship. If a student were to lose their scholarship, they could possibly have to drop out of school because they would not be able to afford the high cost of the …show more content…
This puts a lot of extra stress on college athletes. They not only have to deal with the pressure to perform well in their sport, they also have to make sure that they perform well in their academics if they want to continue to play. College athletes have to be very good at using their time wisely because if they do not, they will not get all of their homework done. They have to schedule time in their schedule to go to practice, lift weights, go to class, study, and sleep. Having this many things to worry about in a day causes a lot of stress on athletes. These athletes have a lot of pressure on them to get everything done in one day and still perform well in academics and in

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