Effects Of Preschool Education On Children

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Does preschool education have a long-term effect on children? This is a question that does not have just one single answer. In today’s society, whether or not your child receives a preschool education is solely a decision the parents have to make, whereas when I was younger, not every child was able to go to preschool. In today’s society, children do not have to partake in a test to get into a preschool program like the children that grew up in the previous decades. Although some people feel as if preschool education does not have a long-term effect on children, there are others that believe that this myth can be debunked. The articles that will used to support both sides of this particular discussion includes: “Does Preschool Matter”, authored by Jonah Lehrer, “School-Based Early Childhood Education and Age-28 …show more content…
In layman’s terms, preschool does not make a child smart or determines a particular child’s success. This myth can be seen as being believable because each child rears different longitudinal results because each child learns differently. Another reason would be because some preschool programs are not equipped to accommodate children with learning disorders and the children whose parents had already begun to teach them the basics at home prior to preschool. Personally, I believe the myth to a certain extent. The myth is believable, in the aspect that children similar to myself, that did not go through the preschool program, being successful in their adult lives. In other words, I see that preschool education does not have an effect on intelligence and achievement. Another reason why I believe the myth is believable is because, in the rural area I was raised in, most of the children that were accepted into preschool programs were children with discipline and behavioral issues, in oppose to currently where children are chosen at random or by social status in some

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