Effects Of Poverty On The United States Essay examples

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Poverty is term that does not come foreign to those who live in the United States. We see how poverty has stricken citizens across America, whether it be on T.V., reading about it online, or simply seeing it firsthand in our society. Every single person who has been or currently is affected by poverty was placed under that line for one reason or another, but what is that reason? You can ask any person this question and you would gather a vast number of different answers, but the truth is we really don 't have a clue to what causes poverty. Conservatives and Liberals have their own views on this subject as to why it occurs and what they are doing to help put an end to it. Before I explain the diversity of the two party 's views surrounding the causes of poverty, I first must introduce the background of poverty and how we got to where we are today. The history of poverty is very complex. According to the United States Census Bureau, poverty is defined by a single family 's income being insufficient based on the number of family members who are being supported by this amount. Mollie Orshansky was the first to provide us with an "official poverty measure" in 1964. (Census Bureau, 2016). This eventually led to what we call the poverty line; the USDA calculated that "three times the 'thrifty food plan budget '" was the claim to this distinction. (Cengage Learning, 2016). According to the Bureau 's 1955 statistics, about a third of a single family 's income was exhausted on food.…

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