Effects Of Poverty On The Nutritional Health Of Children Essay

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The Effects of Poverty on the Nutritional Health of Children
Dorothy Greenstein lives in southern California and does not worry about where her next meal will come from. This has not always been the case for Greenstein. When Greenstein was asked to describe her childhood, the story is much different than her conditions now. Greenstein recalls that “since year eight years young I ate mostly potatoes with cabbage soup and stale dark bread” (Greenstein, 2016). She goes on to state that when she was on her own she was scared and others were afraid to help her. Greenstein states:
I suffered hunger and being scared stiff for six long weeks and some days too. Only when I was a mother 's helper to a Polish Christian child at eleven years old I had some food and had no hunger. While wandering the weeks I did not wash myself or had a change of clothes. So I had lice in my long hair and some bed bugs too (Greenstein, 2016).
She goes on to state that she was not alone in this suffering:
In the fall of 1944 in the capital polish city Warsaw there was an uprising of the Polish underground for 63 days. There all Polish people suffered hunger and sickness. Over 20 thousand of Polish people died or were killed by the Nazis (Greenstein, 2016).
Greenstein reports the long term consequences of poor teeth, but feels grateful to have survived. Dorothy Greenstein is a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust. The poverty that she endured was cast upon her by forces beyond her control. She…

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