Effects Of Poverty On Poor Health Essay

1018 Words Feb 27th, 2016 null Page
"Economic growth without social progress lets the great majority of people remain in poverty". The major cause of poverty is unstable economy, which means if the economy is low, it will impact every aspect of the poor people living in the country. In addition, the three effects of unstable economy are low wages, high unemployment, and low education and skills. However, the main effect of poverty is poor health, which, has three causes; disease in the community, people living their life at risk, and not having money for medical help. Additionally, high unemployment rate will influence the economy from growing which implies if the economy stopped from growing it will affect the environment and the estimated poverty will increase in the country. However, if poverty increased people will struggle to live and there will be health issues and children 's will have a hard time to continue their education or they might not continue. Also, if poverty increased it will effect the people 's and children 's health putting their life at risk. Unstable economy is a huge issue if it occurred because it will lead to increase unemployment rate, low wages, and low education and skills in the country which brings out the main effect, poor health causing diseases around the place, putting peoples life at risk, not affording to pay for medical help. First, the main issue of poverty is the unstable economy, because it draws out three main effects, which are low wages, high unemployment rate,…

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