Effects Of Poverty On Children 's Health Essay

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Effect of Poverty on Children’s Health Poverty has always had a momentous effect on society. It causes grief to all ages, but specifically the young. In the May/ June publication of American Psychologist, Hirokzu Yoshikawa from Harvard University, J. Lawrence Aber from New York University, and William R. Beardslee from Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital published an article on the effects of poverty on the mental health of children and youth. Each author contributed with their own work, as well as the research of several accredited specialists in their fields. The article goes into detail, the definitions of poverty in the United States as well as the research that has been conducted on the effects of poverty on mental, emotional, and behavior health (M-E-B), the framework that defines what constitutes someone to be considered poor, reviews on literature on mechanisms that contribute to the M-E-B health of children, and describes strategies to reduce and prevent the poverty as well as its associated effects. The authors inform the reader of a brief background of poverty and focuses largely on ways to improve the current child conditions that it causes. The article explains the M-E-B effects poverty has on different stages of adolescence as well as the alternate forms of poverty that contributes to the effects. Poverty is not solely defined by income alone, but by debt, environment, and genetics; ultimately defined by a lack of needs being met. For…

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