Effects Of Poverty On Child Development

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The growth and development of children is shaped by their experiences within their family, their cultural and social networks which are turn influenced by events and ideas operating at national and international levels. Child development is influence of both biological and environment changes, that occur to every human from birth to teenager (linking theories print out)
The environmental effects emphasise social interactions and cultural determinants of behaviour and mental processes. Though we are often unaware of their influence, factors such as religion, ethnicity, occupation, and socioeconomic class have an enormous psychological impact on them (Carpenter & Huffman, 2010). This essay will ignore the biological factors and discuss how
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As cited in( the social cultura and economic determinants of health pg 22) Health is also affected by social and community influence, living and working condition, cultural and environmental conditions. For example in New Zealand, kaitaia is one of the poorest region in the country and has highest rate of rheumatic fever and heart disease (left further behind).Nz ranked 24 th out of 25 nations in relates to child health (UNICEF, 2007 ) Also research shows that growing in poverty in early stages of childhood leads to long term negative outcome. Children in poverty live in stressful environment which weakens their immune system and also expose them to mental health problems. Poverty imposes more cost on the health and education system (lfb). The children growing in poverty are more likely to grow up to poor adult. As cited in Twelve thousand hours “Maori and Pasifika children are almost twice as likely to be living in severe poverty and face a higher risk of remaining in poverty for extended period of time” (p., …show more content…
These hazards play a significant role in rooting family poverty. Children and parents living in social hazard environment adopts these hazards to minimise their stress and worries, but such practices have impact on family finances; addictions, increases burden on the health system. Research by Salvation Army (Johnson, 2011b) estimates that around three quarter of children are directly affected by loss of income of the household because of their parents gambling habit and on an average every single person affects around five-ten people by his addiction to gambling. Coclusion..pg 30theorising early childhood practice

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