Effects of Population Growth on Environment Essay

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Effects of Population Growth on Environment

This is not the latest jackpot prize, but 6.5 billion is a very formidable number. It [It must refer to a specific word in the sentence or the reader can become confused.] is the population of the earth. The human population has been increasing at an accelerated rate in the last century; unfortunately, not much has been done to slow down this process. Undoubtedly overpopulation is a global issue. It [It must refer to a specific word in the sentence or the reader can become confused.] is global because it pertains to all humanity affects the whole world, i.e. the environment. Almost all human activities affect negatively the environment in one form or another, as human population will expand
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Therefore, all national policies and international agreements on global warming must take population growth into account (Begley, 2007).

Many researchers believe that population growth is not the reason for the Earth’s environmental issues; one researcher believes that; the effects of overpopulation are poorly understood and often wrongly attributed. For example, the dead zones in oceans across the world, including one rather large one in the Gulf of Mexico, are the result of farming practices that encourage the overuse of fertilizers, not the result of too many people needing too much food. The declining stocks of fish worldwide are not the result of too many people, but of too many people eating fish collected in destructive ways (Meyers, 2008) .

The effects of overpopulation can be clearly explained by looking to systems thinking. Probably the most basic relationship is between a population and its food sources. Take deer, for example. During the summer there will be much food and the population will increase. As winter sets in, the food will decrease and cause the population to decrease (Meyers, 2008). This is called a negative feedback loop; this example takes place in a closed system, the deer in the forest. Most people do not have any trouble accepting this reality, as long as it relates to deer. Assume now that the deer have worked out an economic and transportation system

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