Essay on Effects Of Pollution On Children 's Lungs

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Affects of pollution in children’s lungs “We are living on this planet as if we had another one to go to” Terri Swearing. Earth is the only planet where life exists, therefore, we should take care of what we have. We are destroying the earth, the amount of pollution we create daily is enough to damage our health. Pollution has serious effects on our health and even low levels of pollution is affecting our children’s lungs today. Are we going to do something to change the air quality, or will we just let future generations suffer from our moral turpitude? There are many health problems associated with air pollution, the government decided to do something about it in 1990 by creating the Clean Air Act and Air Pollution act. The act’s intention was to improve air quality by decreasing the amount of air pollution caused by gas emissions. The primary goal was to lower health problems, which were affecting the environment and human health. After the Act was passed the air quality improved by 69 percent from 1990 to 2014. The concentration of lead improved by 98 percent, the amount for carbon monoxide improve by 85 percent, 80 percent improvement for sulfur dioxide, and 60 percent improvement for nitrogen dioxide. That is a huge improvement, however, not enough to keep our children and further generations from suffering caused by air pollutants. Pollution has gone down significantly since the 1990’s, however, is it enough to help our children’s lungs. There was a research…

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