Effects Of Police Misconduct

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Police misconduct has remained a serious problem since the beginning of policing. Police officers have especial power that if not used in an ethical way can enhance police misconduct. Police officers are the ones who are supposed to protect and serve the communities, so it is horrible to know that some officers engage in wrong behaviors that are hampering the trust and confidence that people in society have in them. Some police officers do not hold themselves to the ethical standards that they should follow. In addition, police misconduct is a topic that through the years of policing has been creating arguments and divisions between communities and police departments. Since the beginning of policing it is well-known that different reforms had …show more content…
One theory that police officers and organizations use to diminish the impact of this issue is that “Police frequently complaints that citizens fail to respect them or deter to their authority and this may provoke a harsh response” (p.21). In his study focusing in a police reform Ronald Weitzer also suggested that the real problem with police misconduct is that police deal mostly with problem citizens, not the general population, they develop an “us versus them” mentality toward the public. “Officers see themselves as a thin blue line between order and chaos and develop an elevated sense of mission that may lead to abuses of power” (p.22).His hypothesis was that the police subculture insulates the police fraternity and fosters a “code of silence that shield cops from scrutiny” (p.22). It is well-known in different literature review that officers who report another officer’s misconduct are likely to be given the cold shoulder by his or her fellow

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