Essay on Effects Of Physical And Mental Growth

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1. Chapter 12 “Adulthood” section “Body and Mind” covers the mental and physical changes that people experiment as they grow older from age of 25-65 at this stage of development. There are losses and gains, since of course the effects of physical and mental growth “is not the same at 65 as they were at 25,” (Berger, 437). For example, a gain would be the increase of knowledge and intelligence that one would gain over the years of experiencing risks, opportunities, and learning new things that one at a younger age wouldn’t know until they experience it themselves. A loss would be a physical ability such as stamina, when we get older we’re not as energized as we were when we were younger, we can feel our sustainability decreasing throughout the day. This chapter includes many factors that can affect one’s lifestyle development, such as, health, drug use, and dieting. As well as, inevitable physical and mental changes like one’s appearance, attitudes, beliefs, menopause/andropause, loss of hair, sex and fertility. Changes that everyone, including myself, will eventually experience on day.
2. This topic is important to me because it helps me understand more about the stage of adulthood’s body and mind changes. I will enter this part of development in a few more years and it’s significant to me, as well as, anyone else, because I’ll be able to understand the importance of the previous stages of development and how it affects and impacts the adulthood stage as well. For instance,…

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