Reframing Contemporary Africa Analysis

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Third Written Report
This section of Reframing Contemporary Africa by Peyi Soyinka – Airewele and Rita Kiki Edozie looks at external and internal factors were affecting the African nation. In ‘The New Oil Gulf of Africa: Global Geopolitics and Enclave Oil Producing Economies” by Okbazghi Yohannes looks at the participating of Africa in the world economy and how resource reach African countries have been affected by it. In "The Politics of HIV/ AIDS in Africa: Representation and the Political Economy of Disease" by Susan Craddock looked the response of the West regarding HIV/ AID epidemic in Africa and the power relation. In “Reshaping Power and The Public Sphere: The Political Voices of African Writers” by Pius Adesanmi examines the relationship
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She looks at the nature of funds for treatment and antivirals. Craddock started her critic by looking at the global response to HIV/AIDS in Africa and the way they structure their aid. One of the biggest western response came from the US under the Bush administration. During his administration, Bush passed the PEPFAR (Presidents’ Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) funding which acted as the primary source for HIV prevention and treatment fund. Almost all the programs run under this funding are based on the ABC approach that is Abstinence, Be faithful or Use Condom. Even though PEPFAR preventive funding hasu undoubtedly positive effect when comes to fighting HIV/ AIDS it still faced some criticism. One of its biggest critics is its insistence on the absentee as a form of prevention and the decreasing role of condoms in the fight for HIV. Secondly, PEPFAR absentee projects are known to give miss information regarding prevention through condoms. Studies show that only absent education without complete sex education often leads to adolescent teens to be fewer knowledgeable about condoms and less equipped to engage in safe sex. In other term, PEPRAR funds prohibited government and institutions to supply condoms arguing that suck action will encourage sex during

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